Brand promotion on SoundCloud - creation, and development of the brand.

SoundCloud is rapidly becoming one of the top music platforms in the world. Millions of users log on to it every day to share their audio creations and boost their popularity. As it is the case with every social network, SoundCloud is also a great venue for raising brand awareness and develop your online visibility.





SoundCloud is still far from reaching the popularity of other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Still, it is an up-and-coming channel that you should not neglect if you want to boost the notoriety of your brand.

Your first step on developing an online persona on SoundCloud is identifying your style. This strategy implies defining your genre in a way that the audience can relate to it. You cannot try to be both a hip hop performer and a country music singer, even if you possess the necessary traits for both of them. You need to pick the one that you are best at and continue on that path.

Next, you have to make your message clear. What do you stand for? Do you prefer singing about romance or rapping about political injustice? Again, doing both will just make you lose precious followers from both categories. So, pick a trajectory that suits your style and your preferences.


Now that you know who you are and what you stand for, you can claim to have an online persona on SoundCloud. The next step on in creating and developing your brand is finding your audience. In this regard, you will need to give a detailed description of yourself on your bio page.

You have an image that you need to promote, so it has to be in accordance with your style. People will not buy into it if it differs too much from the content that you produce and upload. If you tackle

social issues and poverty in your songs, you need to have a profile that suits your creed and your goals.


After gathering a decent audience on SoundCloud it is time to enhance your popularity on other social media platforms. Post your content using the multi-channeling technique, which allows you to share your creations on multiple social networks at a time.

Use your Facebook profile to post updates about your musical releases. Tweet about the creation process and post photos and videos on Instagram about recording sessions and tour dates. You can even use LinkedIn to offer a more professional image of your brand. All of these efforts of connecting multiple social media platforms will unify your online personas into a single brand. Raise awareness about it by being consistent with your posts and interacting with your users. Besides, you can use SocialBoss for this matter!

Additionally, you can use social networks like Facebook and Instagram to reward your fans with freebies. Give them unique access to downloading your music or ticket discounts in exchange for sharing your content or tagging you in their posts. In time, these small details will enhance your audience and popularize your brand.


Social media may not be enough to promote your SoundCloud brand. People may want to find out more about you than the information they get from your posts. To satisfy their curiosity and increase your notoriety as well, you will need to blog about your SoundCloud presence.

Create a small website where you can give more details about your persona. Here, your fans can access a more intimate level with your content and discover more about what your creation process implies. Try to blog regularly and redirect the readers who are less active on social media to your SoundCloud profile.


After establishing a solid presence on SoundCloud and building up a loyal audience, it is time to go a step further into the creation and development process of your brand.

Reach out to musicians on SoundCloud who have a level of popularity at least as high as yours is. Propose collaborations where you can create co-authored content for your audiences. This method can bring each of you a significant number of fans from the other one’s group of admirers.