- Browser in the cloud

Providing any kind of content. Anywhere.

Browser in the cloud is a simple, Internet-based technology that makes almost all kind of web services available independent of the output device.


Browser in the cloud. Discover the possibilities.
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Browser in the cloud

Discover the possibilities


All the features

No plug-ins, no firmware updates, no upgrades – but all browser functions and services are fully available for your mobile experience.


Instagram data

Accessible, platform-independent, easy-to-use content and Instagram followers service from different sources for any output device.


All the platforms

On tablets, smart phones, Smart TV, vehicle head units – get cross-platform web content anywhere.

No upgrades, full compatibility
arrowlist_icon2x.png Full browser functionality with a swap file of only 20 MB
arrowlist_icon2x.png Foreseeable CPU and memory costs (memory requirements only 189 MB in runtime)
arrowlist_icon2x.png No more plug-ins, firmware or software updates required for the client
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arrowlist_icon2x.png Works with low power processors, as the client only requires an H.264 decoder
arrowlist_icon2x.png Works with all Twitter Services and platforms (the Tweetboost platform is built in).
arrowlist_icon2x.png Reduction of Internet traffic of up to 50% (and even of more than 70% in combination with AdBlock)
arrowlist_icon2x.png Fully compatible with all current and future web standards
arrowlist_icon2x.png Works very efficiently on networks with low bandwidth like GSM™, EDGE, 3G or satellite communication
arrowlist_icon2x.png Adaptive data streaming allows for an optimum usage of the available bandwidths
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arrowlist_icon2x.png Ideal for all products with a long life cycle, as the browser technology is independent of current and future web standards

How it works

Browser in the cloud is suitable for any conceivable use case


Use Case

For all device types

Browser in the cloud is a cloud-based technology that transmits cross-platform content to any output device, such as tablets, televisions or vehicle head units, via a device-independent rendering method.

Here, the server takes over the provision of content, which leads to an according reduction in resource requirements at the client end: no firmware or software updates and plug-ins, no locally executable source code or technical upgrades are needed. Device types and web standards are independent of one another in this case, and the content is fully compatible with all current and future web standards.

Use case


The Browser in the cloud concept, developed and patented by M-Way Solutions, uses a format-independent rendering engine based on the H.264 codec, as well as a special communications protocol. Adaptive data streaming allows for an optimum usage of the available bandwidths.

In combination, they allow the long-term use of various Internet services and web contents without the need for upgrades in vehicles of all classes. Experience diverse infotainment programs and a multitude of useful services in your vehicle.



Use case

Aerospace & Defense

The Browser in the cloud concept complies with all aspects of the required safety mechanisms. With this technology, all content is exclusively processed in the cloud, making it ideal particularly for safety-related applications in the areas of defense and aerospace.

Therefore, there is no need for codes such as C++, Java or Javascript, or for downloads to be implemented locally on the client. The cloud-based system allows for central content management, processing, and exporting to the client, which ensures that users are protected against malicious digital attacks. Depending on a country's legislation, locally adjusted solutions are available.

Use case


Smart TV allows you to surf the Internet and call up any content from online inventories. The technology here is based on communication via Internet and permits different use scenarios.

Reducing website traffic by up to 70% (in combination with AdBlocker) through the adaptive streaming method involved enables increased speed, leading to a completely new entertainment experience. Access web content via Smart TV and surf the web on a large scale.


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